16 Aug 2017

Boilers and Auxiliary Equipment

Tecnoservice BucureştiClient: Termoelectrica S.A. Bucureşti, Romania
Final Client: Paroşeni Power Plant1. Basic & Detail Design: Civil Works, Building & Architectural, Thermo-Mechanical, Electrical & Automation

2. Procurement: Equipment (boilers & auxiliaries, electrical switchgears, automation system including SCADA), Steel structure material, Thermo-Mechanical material, Cables, l&C component, Others

3. Fabrication: Steel structure, ducts, pipe circuits, stack, supports,Vessels

Erection of:

  1. Civil Works, Buildings & Architectural
  2. Boilers and the auxiliary equipment (deaerator, vessels, pumps, fans, etc.)
  3. Pipe circuits and including insulation
  4. HVAC system
  5. Electrical & automation system

4. Commissioning